#longoverduehoneymoon Trip to Japan - The Miss Flight Story

I was so wanted to do a post regarding travelling..well u know to give you some tips here and there..unfortunately since the day 1 i started my blog i have never have the kind of 'travelling story' to share with you...so basically my blog was all about my life story which if you can see that my blog becoming almost a dead blog! hahahaha

So I'm back again here... I was dying to write this on as I wanted to keep this as my sweetest memory plus I wanted to share with you our #longoverduehoneymoon trip to Japan.

Why with that hashtag? You see, since we got married, we never went to have our REAL Honeymoon like other couples. I got pregnant Joshua right after 2 months from our wedding day. Yeay so much fertility there...I know! (^_^)... since then, our life was quite busy...not only have to adapt to each other and but also adapting with the new title 'mommy and daddy to be'. So we got married on march 2011...and 2016...we finally have our honeymoon ..yeayyyy... Excited? I was beyond excited... like wow going oversea?...it was my 1st time indeed!

This whole idea trip to Japan is coming from my husband. It just happened to be that my husband got a friend a Thai friend whom he met during their 20 day course at Beijing and that friend is currently pursuing her Ph.D (last semester already) at Tottori (one of the province in Kansai area). So my husband told me that, 'sementara masih ada kawan dia di Jepun, bagus pergi sana at least bab guide sudah free'...at first i was quite reluctant because...I know Japan is among the expensive country in Asia (Spore of course the most expensive country in the world)...and my biggest worry is that where to find money...sedangkan duit sedia ada pun just cukup2 to cover our monthly expenses. Mau saving tu memang kalau mau terbang tahun ni di Japan patutnya suda simpan dari tahun lepas lagi...

But here is my husband strength lies on...his strong determination...If he already set it in his mind then he will do it...

But of course... to me is all by God grace and favour to us...

So cut story, we did got some money..on April 1st, I went to renew my passport and bought the ticket...total ticket for both of us plus i chose quiet zone seat and luggage so all together is about RM2400.

The next move is asking cuti rehat from my boss. And thanked God she approved it without any hesitation. Wow...u see with this my current boss, it is actually really hard for us to simply take holiday without any solid  excuse reason. But she said YES easily..so it is actually the 1st sign that God indeed 'merestui' our journey to Japan.

The 2nd sign is that, our trip was during school holidays. So my husband managed to ask help from my mother in laws and his sister who is a teacher to come to KL and help us to look after our kids. They agreed upon it...therefore i am so thankful for them. I thanked God because his favour to us in so many ways.

---------- The day that we supposed to fly--------------

ok this is will be my biggest lesson learnt! I have never imagined this 'thing' will ever happens to myself. Looking at how quite frequent flying to Sabah since I was 13. There is no ever thought that I will miss our flight to Japan. Crazy right!

But it happened! what funny thing is that, I bought the ticket , i gave my husband a copy of it...and I just looked at ticket once only; that was on the day I bought the ticket online! So i was so confident that we will fly on 7th of June on 1.00 am. So here is the tricky part..well it is tricky when u only look one time only to ur ticket! So...i dunno why even my husband didn't even said anything about the hour of our departure time. And he actually still working on the 7th June. So when we reached at KLIA2 on the 7th at 11 pm. Getting ready to check in, i was actually confused because I cannot find our flight number on the display LCD. Until we went straight to the counter and there he goes the AA stewardess telling us that we missed our flight. Kan...jam 1pagi maksud nya awal pagi of 7th lah kan..yang datang awal pagi 8th siapa suruh... #failmatematik #facepalm

pic above: muka kecewa tapi husband sempat belanja starbucks dengan caption macam tu! (-_-)

My husband dah start mau marah sama saya....pada mulanya sy mau argue sebab sy suda bagi tiket sama dia juga...but at that point.. i thought fighting is useless! In the airport some-more...it is just not worth of our energy!

So then, we asked the AA what time will be the next flight...again THANK GOD..there is still kosong for the next day flight at 8am on the 8th of June. Although I have to top up some extra money which again #habisduitaku, but then..I still praise Jesus because...there is still got flight...fuhhhh..

of course when this happened, I admitted that our mood of #honeymoon is slowly faded! I keep on blaming myself for not listening my inner voice..(and I thought it is the Holy Spirit) who keep on reminding me to have  a look to our ticket..but NO i ignored it. Again this is my lesson learn. I should listen to what God want to say.

In the meantime, my husband called our Hotel Room informing them that there will be a little changes of our check in time. Thank God once again...we didn't miss our booking. Fuhhhh.

Of all these, still I want to thank God for everything. I guess this honeymoon trip is also taught us husband and wife to be more understand each other and have patience, And biggest lesson learn to me is not ignoring my 'suara hati nurani'. And maybe next time I will not chose subuh punya flight to avoid mistake like this! hehehehe

Anyway, although our trip didn't start very well....but I tell you...once we reached at Kansai..the whole new environment make us super duper excited!

Will tell you more on my next post!

See you...

Thank You for Reading!


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